Pompey have a highly regarded Ladies Football Club, who compete in the Woman’s Premier League Southern Division. The Girls are managed by Perry Northeast. Pompey LFC are captained by striker Gemma Hillier.


Goalkeeper- Sadie Blakely

Sadie Blakely

Sadie Blakely

Defenders- Ellie Bloomfield, Becky Hunt, Fiona McMillan, Jessica Frampton, Nadin Bazan, Tiff Taylor

Midfielders- Molly Clarke, Chloe Dark, Naomi Greene, Lauren Murphy, Leeta Rutherford, Kaylee Schumann-Edwards, Sarah Kempson, Lucy Quinn

Strikers- Charley Wilson, Gemma Hillier


Fixtures & Results


24th- Cardiff City LFC- L 3-7

31st- Copeswood (Coventry) LFC- W 2-4 (Cup)

Nadine Bazan

Nadine Bazan



3rd- Lewes- W 2-0

7th- Brighton & Hove Albion- W 2-0

14th- Keynsham Town

21st- Charlton Athletic

28th- West Ham United

Lucy Quinn

Lucy Quinn



2nd- Lewes

5th- Tottenham Hotspur

26th- Plymouth Argyle



2nd- West Ham United

9th- Copeswood (Coventry) LFC-

Gemma Hillier

Gemma Hillier

23rd- QPR



7th- Cardiff City LFC

14th- Tottenham Hotspur



4th- Gillingham

25th- QPR


Naomi Greene

Naomi Greene


22nd- Charlton Athletic



1st- Keynsham Town LFC

22nd- Copeswood (Coventry) LFC

29th- Plymouth Argyle



5th- Brighton & Hove Albion

12th- Gillingham


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